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QUERU 'Cantina Mexicana' is the new and 2nd venture of chef Alberto Nol. Alberto made a name for himself with his first restaurant Ruiseñor, on the Denneweg in The Hague where he creates modern mexican dishes which will leave you bedazzled. Where Ruisenor is fine dining, QUERU is more easy going comfort food paired with quality cocktails.

'Queru', which is short for 'querubín' and translates to 'angel', was the nickname of Alberto's father who also owned a taco place in Mexico City and whenever people said: "Let's go to el Queru" they meant to go to Alberto's dad and enjoy his signature tacos.

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Here at Queru we want to bring the vibrant and energetic spirit of the Mexican cantina, serving Mexican street-food with a modern spin, always using high quality, fresh produce. We believe peppers are not just spicy if you know how to use them! It's the ultimate shared dinning experience were comfort food with explosive flavours are perfectly paired with a Tequila cocktail, Beer or a Michelada! Queru is a place where everyone comes together to have a good time, to share dishes and not be afraid to get their hands dirty!


Starters to share
Oysters.... 3.5

flavored with a vinaigrette of mezcal and hibiscus 

Guacamole..... 6.5

Homemade guacamole with jalapeno served with chili oil and tostadas
Refried Beans..... 5.5

Homemade bean puree served with sour cream and tostadas

MogoMogo...... 6.5

Mexican 'bitterballen' made from plantain and coconut cream, covered with a polenta and squid ink crust

Bitterballen..... 7.75

4 bitterballen flavoured with curry and jalapeño

Camote..... 7

Sweet potato from the grill with madame jeanette-cilantro mayo, crispy onions and piloncillo syrup.

Ceviche...... 16.50

sea bass sashimi in a Mexican aguachile served with vegetables, guacamole and tostadas


Taco de carnitas de puerco..... 5.5

Berkshire pork confit with Mexican spices | guacamole | habanero pickled red onions | corn tortilla

Taco de cochinita pibil..... 5.5

Berkshire pork slow cooked in orange adobo | salsa gatito ( pineapple) | corn tortilla

Taco de choriqueso..... 5.5

Homemade pork chorizo sausage | melted Dutch cheese | guacamole | corn tortilla

Taco de hongos..... 5.5

shiitake mushrooms | melted Dutch cheese | guacamole | corn tortilla

Taco de carnitas de pollo..... 5.5

Chicken confit | Mexican spices| lemon | guacamole | tatemada | corn tortilla

Taco de baja prawns..... 6

prawns in tempura | chipotle mayo | pico de gallo | corn tortilla


Ruisenor..... 23

Beef | smoked tomatillo dressing |bimi | guacamole | kimchi | three corn tortillas| 

Gringa..... 16

black adobo chicken |wheat tortillas | melted Dutch cheese | guacamole |  pineapple salsa

Tako-Yaki...... 25

Fried octopus | homemade okonomiyaki sauce | madam Jeanette mayo | bonito flakes | pickled cucumbers | Turkish bell peppers | three corn tortillas 

Grilled Flank Steak...... 26.5

Grilled flank steak thinly sliced | shiitake mushrooms | Turkish bell peppers | bimi | guacamole | three corn tortillas

Doblada Vegetariana...... 16.5

Three corn tortillas filled with string beans, spinach, cauliflower | melted Dutch cheese | sour cream | tamarind and pumpkin mole |

Churros...... 5.5

Churros | sugar | cinnamon | dulce de leche | golden rum |

Tamal...... 8 

steamed sweet corn cake | banana leaf |coffee & cinnamon flavoured ice cream | 

Next to our dine in service we also offer the option for take away or delivery. Please note that this option may not be possible when the kitchen is too busy. 

For take away call 0703311051 to place your order to be picked up between 16:00- 22:00.

Delivery is possible with one of our partners:

Thuisbezorgd | Ubereats: 16:00 - 21:30

Deliveroo: 16:00 - 22:00. 



to Reservations


We are a small and very busy Cantina therefore to seat all of our guests we work in two sittings. 

The first sitting starts at 18.00 to 20.00. 

The second sitting starts at 20.15 till closing. 

We accept online reservations up to 6 people for group reservations call us at 070-3311051 or email us at


Please note, with groups of 6 or more we recommend a set menu on the busy days/weekends. Of course we take into account any allergies or dietary restrictions.

For more information or last minute reservations please call us. 


Monday Closed.

Tue-Thur, Sun 18.00 till 22.00

Fri-Sat 18.00 till 22.30


During the weekdays and on Sundays our kitchen might close earlier if it is not busy. Give us a call to make sure that we are still open. 

Always want to stay up to date about the latest QUERU news? Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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